We look different.
We think different.
We build different.
Because there's value in different.

Joining Mastry Ventures means you've become the model for change in venture and technology. Our network includes 100+ of the most impactful public and private company founders and CEOs, the brightest operators with deep technical and industry expertise, a roster of Midas list VCs, and the most progressive athletes and influencers shaping today's world.

We leverage our unique network to bend the risk curve for our companies. We develop partnerships, create distribution advantages, help build people strategies, and provide true rolled-up-sleeves support to help our founders succeed.

And it doesn't end there. We know real leaders look to have profound impact. So do we. Diversity, equity and inclusion is a Mastry Ventures cornerstone. We are building a unique playbook to ensure access to diverse capital, governance and talent for our portfolio companies from day one. If you want to learn more, come talk to us.

It's all about the company you keep.